Acutapping Emitter Treatment fixes your Issues. Prevents Emitter.

Queen of Sheba, Personal Advisor

Emitter for Unique Treatments - $25 - Heal Yourself and Others - Official Website - Unique Breakthrough Health Treatments|Preventions - Fixes Physical Health, Prevents Illness.

Emitter for Unique Breakthrough Treatments.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo Shares

Use this Emitter to silently play our MP3s and CDs to heal yourself and others.

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FAQ (help)

Emitter $25

When you want to play our MP3 files silently and continually, you must use one of our Emitters. Plugs into headphone slot of your player.

You can also listen to the MP3s using desktop speakers on your computer and you must be within 5 feet. But laptop speakers are not powerful enough.

So for just $25 you have the great convenience of silent listening anywhere in your house because the waves are transmitted 40 feet.

But remember, each CD already comes with a free Emitter.

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