Affordable Health Insurance Alternative.

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Affordable Health Insurance Alternative - Don't let the government force you to buy insurance, Join our Qualified Network - Official Website.

I have Alternative to regular Health Insurance.

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I have affordable health coverage and I'm exempt from government laws. Maybe you can too.

Affordable Health Insurance Alternative:

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Since 1995 I have not had any health insurance. But I'm still covered. How could this be?

It's because I have an alternative to health insurance. It's a Christian membership network. It works very similar to health insurance but there are some differences.

It is Samaritan Ministries, Christian Health Network.

I will tell you more about it but first let me mention that if you enroll and Samaritan Ministries knows I referred you, then I will get a small referral credit. So if you want them to send you all the information, please fill in the form below. When I tell them about you, I will get credit (only if you enroll).

Of course, there is no obligation for you to get the information. And please read and understand everything thoroughly before you enroll.

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Let me tell you something. You probably already know our government is changing the health insurance laws so you will have to buy health insurance. Whether you can afford it or not, you will have to buy it or else you will be fined.

Guess What! This is what I want to tell you: Samaritan Ministries members are exempt from having to buy health insurance. This is because our health coverage is similar enough that they let our network take care of itself. So all this time I have enjoyed being member of Samaritan Ministries but now it is really a Godsend. Because the government will leave me alone. I don't have to worry what laws they are making.

Here is one of the best things about being a member: Every month I write my check and mail it to another member. Yes a real person, not an insurance company. Every dollar of my monthly payment goes directly to someone with a claim.

Samaritan Ministries figures out all the claims, divides them among all the members, and sends me a statement where I should send my check.

All this, along with all the other administrative work they have to take care of is paid with one annual renewal fee.

Oh! I forgot to tell you the best part about being a member: it's a lot cheaper than regular insurance. To give you an idea, for me and my husband it is $300 per month plus $176 annual renewal. It would be less for a single person and more for a family with children.

And these prices are AFTER being raised earlier this year.

There is a slight risk that your entire claim is not covered because of shortage. But also, maybe all the available monthly funds are not needed in which case I pay less than $300 that month. And that has actually happened for me a few times already.

And have you ever heard about any insurance that pays part of a claim for something that is not covered? Well, we do. When someone submits a claim that is not covered, it is published as a special need and those who can afford to will pay a little towards that need. People usually get about half their unqualified need covered this way. Albeit, it's not the whole thing but no insurance company pays you half of an uncovered claim, right?

Now here's the only thing: To qualify for membership you must be a born-again Christian. There are other requirements too. You find out all about it in your information package.

Please be sure to read and understand all the information carefully because there are some important differences between Samaritan Ministries and regular Health Insurance.

And if you don't fill out the form today you can come fill it out later or if you contact Samaritan Ministries, please tell them I am the one that referred you. Please tell them my website name or my name (Queen of Sheba, AdviceOfTheQueen, Abigail Rose)

Available in every state in the United States of America.