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This FAQ has two parts, How to Get Around This Website and How to Find and Select a Treatment

There is a description of the Access Keys x.

How to Get Around This Website

We have tried to design this website so it will work in all browsers, and it should be easy for those using a screen-reader.

If you notice anything we could improve to make things better for you, please let us know c.

Notice the little skip links along the right edge? Those are for people with screen-readers to be able to skip past sections. Of course, anyone may use them but then you will skip main sections so they are really for those who are already familiar with the website.

All of the pages have a header, a footer, a main content area and a navigation list along the right side. The header shows the logo which you can click to return home from any page. Also on the header is Product Name and basic information telling you what this Treatment can do for you. The footer has links to Contact, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Contribute and Access Keys, followed by copyright notice. There might be a few external links which might be of interest to you. Then there is summary of Product that is on this page. For non-product pages there is summary of Products on this site.

There are 3 types of pages within this website.

• Product Pages
Each Product is discussed on it's own "Product Page". The home page is also the same as a Product Page but instead of discussing a specific product it tells an overview of all the products.
Each Product page has navigation along right side. At the very top of this navigation is a link to the Guide to Select Treatments and a link to this FAQ. Next is list of Products, alphabetical within categories.
At the top of each Product Page there is either Banner Link to the Tree Of Life website or a "Buy Now" button.
Then there is a description of this Treatment. This is followed by general information about these treatments.
Next is a chance to sign up to get email when new Treatments are added.
And finally, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.
• Secure Pages
The Secure Pages are visually different because the blue background of the content is now white and the white background of the navigation is now blue.
The Secure Pages are encrypted by SSL. You might get a warning because it is a shared SSL, but it is still secure.
When you click the "Buy Now" button you will move to a secure page and you will have to login. After you confirm which Treatment you want the credit card form will be displayed.
Another Secure Page is Records Keeping, which is for signing up for email, changing your password, etc.
Another Secure Page is the Donate page.
Each Secure Page has navigation along right side but it is different from the Product Pages. It is much shorter and it contains links to Home, Contact, etc.
After you complete your purchase, the Guide to Select Treatments will be displayed so you can go directly to another Product Page.
• Non-Product pages
Each Non-Product page is colored like a Product Page but has right side navigation like a Secure Page.
The 5 Non-Product pages are Health-Contact (send us email), Health-Contribute, Guide to Select Treatment, Access Keys, and this FAQ page.

So we hope this helps you understand the layout of this website.

How to Find and Select a Treatment

  • First let me explain something very important to you, that you might not already know this. The very first time we read or hear something we won't believe it -- our Brain must set up signals, what to do with this new information. Then when we hear or read it again, we will be able to believe it.
  • The reason this is so important is the unique nature of these treatments. Maybe you never heard of any such-a-thing like this before. For example, you already know (and you know it for certain) that there is no cure or treatment or remedy for Cerebral Palsy. No one can do anything about it. They just have to learn to live with it. But now I'm telling you there is a treatment that will heal it.
  • Well, your first reaction might be to not believe it. Please come back to this website several times before you turn your back in disbelief.
  • To locate a Treatment you can use your Browser Find, Control-F for FireFox, and it will take your curser to those letters if it is on that page.
  • To Select a Treatment, there is a Guide, which tries to use all the synonyms. Look for your condition and if you don't find exactly the one, pick one that is very similar.
  • If you still can't find the right Treatment then you should sign up to get email when new Treatments are added.
  • If you are not sure if it is the right Treatment or you still can't find the right Treatment, then you should email us. Tell us your condition and we will advise you what to do.
  • You can get to any Product Page by using the right side navigation or the Guide to Select Treatments.
  • One other very important thing. Ideally, you should have a diagnosis.

So we hope this helps you find a Treatment.

  • Treatment Privacy Policy:

    You will not get email from anyone but me. I do not give your email or any other information to anyone.

  • Treatment Disclaimer:

    We are not responsible for the results upon you or your life. It is up to you to evaluate the information and make a decision for yourself regarding what you should do. Especially for health and medical issues, consult your physician. I am in no way responsible for your health or your life. All on this website is advisory information only. It should not be considered medical, legal, or other professional advice for any specific individual or situation.

    You should see your Physician. Do not stop taking your medications without your Physician.

    Our treatments are not cures. What they do is alter the Energy Meridians, then the body can heal itself. These treatments are known to work two-thirds of the time.


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