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Access Keys help get around this website without using a mouse to get Unique Treatment for Illness or Unusual Treatment for Issue - Official Website - Free or $4.95 or $5 or $19.95 or $150.

Use Access Keys when you don't have a mouse for Treating Illnesses and Issues.

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There are four rings of Access Keys.

To use an Accesskey depress Alt+Shift+Accesskey or Alt+Accesskey or Ctrl+Accesskey.

Accesskey are bolded, oblique and underlined with red.

One ring is for the Skip Links for screen readers. They use numbers 1-9 and 0. The numbers are shown with the word skip like this, skip0, also in the title.

One ring is for the Products Pages navigation which lists all the categories and treatments. They use letters, underlined within the name. Each category has a subring when you are on that category page.

Categories are (Accesskeys in brackets):

  • A[u]toimmune
  • [B]lood
  • [C]ancer
  • Cardiovasc[u]lar
  • Chil[d]hood
  • Ears and E[y]es
  • Em[o]tional/Psychological
  • E[x]tras
  • Fema[l]es
  • Financial [x]
  • Free Treatments [q]
  • Gro[w]ths (benign)
  • [I]nfections
  • In[j]uries
  • [K]idney, Urinary, Bladder
  • [M]ales
  • Mental/[N]eurological
  • Or[g]ans & Systems
  • [P]ain
  • Physical Misc. [q]
  • [R]espiratory
  • [S]eniors
  • [S]kin
  • Stomach & [B]owel

Testimony links are Accesskey z.

One ring is for the Secure Pages and Non-Product Pages navigation. They use letters, underlined within the name.

One ring is for moving around any page. They use letters.

Letters A, E, F, H, T, V are not used because they are reserved.

  • Going to Home page is Accesskey m.
  • Use the Mobile site Accesskey m.
  • Use the Full Size site Accesskey w.
  • Mobile site go back one page is Accesskey b.
  • Logout is Accesskey z.
  • Going to the Guide Accesskey g.
  • Pick of list below is Accesskey k, to jump to Product Pages navigation.
  • Going to the FAQ Accesskey q.
  • Sharing links are Accesskey s.
  • Sign up for newsletter is Accesskey x.
  • Going to make a Contribution page is Accesskey n.
  • Change Password is Accesskey j.
  • Change Username is Accesskey u.
  • Edit Profile is Accesskey y.
  • Donate, and Buy Now are Accesskey o.
  • Contact us is Accesskey c.
  • See Disclaimer is Accesskey d.
  • See Privacy Policy is Accesskey p.
  • See Terms of Use is Accesskey r.
  • Go to my blog is Accesskey b.
  • Go to HiFi Cafe website is Accesskey i.
  • Go to WebHostingHub website is Accesskey w.
  • Go to Larry Ullman website is Accesskey l.
  • Treatment Privacy Policy:

    You will not get email from anyone but me. I do not give your email or any other information to anyone.

  • Treatment Disclaimer:

    We are not responsible for the results upon you or your life. It is up to you to evaluate the information and make a decision for yourself regarding what you should do. Especially for health and medical issues, consult your physician. I am in no way responsible for your health or your life. All on this website is advisory information only. It should not be considered medical, legal, or other professional advice for any specific individual or situation.

    You should see your Physician. Do not stop taking your medications without your Physician.

    Our treatments are not cures. What they do is alter the Energy Meridians, then the body can heal itself. These treatments are known to work two-thirds of the time.


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