Financial Shark or Angel Wanted.

Queen of Sheba,Personal Advisor

Company Seeking Investor to Launch us bigger - $250K equity or you co-sign loan - phone me for information - Official Website.

Who do you know that has $250K and we will turn it into $1+Million per year for you?

250K Investor Wanted Gloria in Excelsis Deo Shares

There is a LOT of money going to be made with this company.

If you want us to make a lot of money for you and you don't have $250K you could co-sign the loan.

We are writing a computer program that will make a lot of money for us all. Computer does almost all the work.

Please phone me, 414-475- one five nine four.

Or email me your phone number and I will phone you..

Company Seeking Investor to Launch us bigger

We are looking to connect with individuals that will help fund the completion of a software program application that has been developed that turns the state run 3-Ball Lottery games into fertile ground for investment. Final phase programming is already mapped out. The 2002 technology that was new when we started needs updating before we can finish the programming and expand the database to include all the states involved which are over 43 US states. $250K is needed to update the hardware, complete the programming and roll it out in each of the individual states. A very high profit will go to the financier or equity owner.

Better than a franchise. You invest 250K and we do all the work. Computer does most of it.

Ask for our Frequently Asked Questions.

Please phone me, 414-475- one five nine four, and I will tell you the secret way the Computer can get money for us.

The company is located in FL, I am in WI, and company will expand into other states including WI.

Please phone me, 414-475- one five nine four for more information. 414-235-2904 is not longer active.
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